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Why is "Second Day Pasta" allowed on phase 3 of the SOZA weight loss program?

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

SOZA Weight Loss Program

Hi guys,

"Second Day Pasta" may help you keep a slim figure. Yep, you read that correctly.

So there is an interesting find that you may have heard about in the world of "weight loss tips."

It is called "Second Day Pasta."

Ok, what exactly is second day pasta?

  1. Cook your pasta,

  2. put it in the fridge,

  3. take out it out the next day

  4. and reheat it.

Basically, it is the idea of re-heating your pasta from yesterday and eating it as a part of today's meal.

So, this is better than freshly cooked pasta?


Look, if you were to cook pasta and eat it would get a huge insulin spike, hence increase your blood sugars. Unfortunately eating a freshly cooked bowl of pasta causes the same metabolic reaction as eating a couple of donuts.


You eat a bowl of fresh pasta, then get an energy spike and then experience a major downer.

SOZA Weight Loss doctor giving thumbs down!
Thumbs down!

After this downer, you start looking for your next meal.

Remember that vicious cycle?

Ok, so second day pasta doesn’t cause an insulin spike?


Well yes, anything you eat causes an insulin release, but at least it is not a spike.

Does reheated pasta change its composition or what?

The research is ongoing, but yes the food reorganizes itself and becomes a "resistant starch" aka fiber.

So it becomes more like eating fiber.

Eating fiber is good?

Eating fiber is good because you don't absorb it all, we keep saying its not just what you eat, it's what you absorb.

Ah so less calories!?

No, hold on there. Technically they have the same calories! This isn't about calories though.

The difference between reheated pasta and freshly cooked pasta, is the insulin spike reaction and blood sugar reaction and is it good for Weight Loss?

You're basically turning a carb-loaded food (fresh pasta) into a fiber-rich food (reheated pasta). In other words, a high-glycemic food to a low-glycemic food.

That is great.

Bottom Line

Now you can still enjoy eating pasta, but be smart about it.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is super important as we grow older. We cannot afford to be spiking our blood sugar all day, that is insane. We just cannot.

This is another reason why it's good to sometimes prepare your own meal.

Cooking tip on Phase 3:

Try reheated pasta primavera like the picture below. Combining reheated pasta with steamed non-starchy vegetables.

SOZA Second Day Pasta Primavera
SOZA Second Day Pasta Primavera

Hey, I hope this was helpful. Let me know what you think.

Many blessings!

Gus from SOZA.

Research Study References

Robertson, Tracey AU et al. Making simple changes to the way a starchy carbohydrate meal is prepared can significantly reduce the postprandial glucose response VL - 77 DO - 10.1017/S0029665118001726 JO - Proceedings of the Nutrition Society ER

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