Here's How the Program Works. 

Tricks your body to rapidly use up its fat stores.

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The program is going to trick your body into switching its energy supply away from glucose and towards your fat stores, prioritizing visceral fat over subcutaneous fat. 

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Prioritizes visceral fat over subcutaneous fat.

nutrition plan for weight loss works

Visceral fat (white fat) is exactly what needs to be focused on. Once this fat starts to decrease, insulin and blood sugar stabilizes. In turn, this reduces cravings for sugary and starchy foods, amazing metabolic changes begin, and you are on a fast-moving train enjoying rapid weight loss.   

Teaches you specifically which foods to eat

The number of calories do matter on a weight loss program but what you eat is more important. While calories are clearly important in weight regulation, they are one factor that need to be considered within the context of hormones and human behavior. Hormones play a large role in influencing appetite, fullness, and fat storage.

You will be on a low-carb program consisting of nutrient-rich foods conducive to weight loss; moderate to high quality proteins, vegetables, herbs and spices, occasional legumes, moderate organic dairy and healthy fats. When you are eating the right foods on a low calorie program you will begin to use up your fat stores rapidly.


How to use the SOZA supplements

Low calorie days can be relatively challenging initially, and here is where our core supplements will make a significant difference.

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Appetite support, metabolism boost and increased energy will help you control your appetite and balance hormones to help you on your journey. Now you can go on a low calorie diet without feeling frustrated and tired. All three supplements must be used throughout the program.  

Live a wellness lifestyle

Wellness living is very important to help you lose weight and keep it off. We encourage you to practice mindfulness, keep a journal, create new healthy habits, exercise, get adequate sleep, fight chronic stress and use eco-friendly ingredients. Living a wellness lifestyle in your daily and weekly routine is vital to maintaining your weight. Here are some pages taken from the Instruction Manual.