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VIP Email Support Program!

 Please Note: this comes in your 60-day program

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The email support program is designed to provide comprehensive support and guidance for SOZA participants.


Here's what they include:

  • Educational Content: Deep insights into nutrition and the science of weight loss.

  • Practical Strategies: Daily advice on meal prep, social events, and curbing sugar urges.

  • Supportive Tips: Guidance on overcoming obstacles, understanding visceral fat, and the role of sleep in weight loss.

  • Go-to Meal Recommendations: Ready-to-follow meal suggestions for consistent healthy eating.

  • Holistic Approach: Addressing not just diet but also the balance of hormones, the value of restful sleep, and maintaining mental health.

  • Motivation: Regular reminders of the health benefits of weight loss.

10 Weeks of Learning 

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