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Nutrition Program

A Protein-Rich Low-Carb Mediterranean-Style Diet

Begin With a Low-Carb Meditteranean-Style Diet

You will eat whole-natural foods you can purchase at your local grocery store.

Our low-carbohydrate, Mediterranean-style diet is specifically designed to help you lose weight fast on the SOZA Weight Loss program. 

We offer meal plans tailored for variety, nutrition, calories, protein, and rich taste. Here are some simple food examples you would be eating while on the program: 

  • High-protein foods: chicken breast, steak, whole eggs, egg whites, tuna, turkey meatballs, tofu, tempeh 

  • Heart-Healthy fats: Salmon, avocadoes, extra virgin olive oil, olives, nuts, and seeds

  • Moderate organic dairy foods

  • Carbs like vegetables and unlimited greens 

  • Low-sugar fruits like berries, apples, and citrus fruits

  • Occasional red wine!

Our meal plans will suit your taste buds no matter what cultural food background you're used to.  

SOZA nutrition picture
Doctors happy and clapping on the SOZA Weight loss program.

Why a Low-Carb Meditteranean-Style Diet?

According to cardiologists and reported by the American Heart Association, research shows the Mediterranean diet is widely regarded as one of the healthiest diets by numerous health organizations, the best doctor weight loss programs, and dietitians. 

But that's not the only reason it's the core of SOZA weight loss's nutrition program. Food is critical to the success of your program. What you eat is more important than how much you eat. 


Adopting some of the principles of the Mediterranean diet is an absolute no-brainer.  Some reasons why:

  1. Heart-healthy omega-3 fats are important for your health and can only be found in certain foods. 

  2. It will make your meal plans taste better 

  3. Eaten in moderation, healthy fats will help you lose weight

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