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Are You Ready to Lose Weight FAST?

Join SOZA's 60-day doctor weight loss program to lose weight fast, feel great, and boost your health. 

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1.   Connect with a Health coach

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2.  Get the 60-Day Program

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3.  Lose weight and keep it off

Meet Dr. Dixon
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Are you FRUSTRATED trying to lose that stubborn body fat?

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You attempt your weight loss program, yo-yo diet, lose a few pounds and quit... 

  • Try again, but this time, you overwhelm yourself with random influencers promoting KETO, Paleo, etc., lose a few pounds and quit again...

  • As you do this, your primary care doctor recommends weight loss due to worrying about high blood pressure and maybe high blood sugar...  

  • So you ask your primary care doctor about weight loss surgery and then completely freak out over the risks...

  • You're exhausted with food. It's running your life instead of the other way around. 

You're not alone!


Start our latest RAPID
weight-loss program  

Our program can help you start losing weight fast and maintain your success in the long-term. 

Our program is based on the latest weight loss research and our 10-year experience. 

The SOZA rapid weight-loss program can help you:

Lose body fat fast

Motivate you to reach your goal faster

Transform you to live the life you deserve

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(It will work for you, just as it worked for THOUSANDS of others)

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1. You lose weight fast

Unlike regular programs, rapid weight loss, when done right, helps you lose weight fast and motivates you to reach your goal.


2. You control your appetite

As you lose weight fast, you reduce your cravings for sugary and starchy foods, resulting in a fantastic transformation.  

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3. You get healthier quicker

Losing stubborn fat can help manage your insulin and blood sugar levels, which may result in a reduction or getting off medications.

This is what to expect when you join


Receive full support. Start to finish✔️

  • Full support from a trained professional health coach or a holistic weight loss doctor. 

  • As a free member, you can access exclusive online support, which includes more meal plans, recipes, and up-to-date wellness tips.

SOZA Weight loss Consult
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Get the 60-day supply of supplements and a physical copy of the guidebook ✔️

  • Two appetite supports, two metabolism boosters, and one vitamin B12 for energy

  • Physical copy of the SOZA Guidebook 2023 edition. Exclusive only in the kit. 


Follow our structured protocol explaining what, when, and how-to eat ✔️

  • Low-carb meal plan: Unlimited vegetables, healthy fats & high protein. Perfectly structured. 

  • The latest research on weight loss and wellness tips 

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Here's how you start

SOZA Weight Loss Health Coach

1. Connect with a health coach

You will be assigned a health coach who can work with you either in-person or virtually.

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2. Get the 60-day Program

Use the supplements, follow the guidebook