What to Expect

  1. Support from a professional health coach

  2. 60-Day Weight Loss Kit

  3. Low-Carb Mediterranean-Style Meal Plan

Support from a  Professional Health Coach.

Doctors with a holistic approach believe the mind and body function as a unit in both health and disease.

Accountability and support will help you adhere to and complete the program.

The SOZA 60-Day Weight Loss Kit and Protocol.

The supplements combined with our structured protocol will give you an advantage in achieving rapid weight loss.


For over 10 years our supplements have been helping people lose stubborn body fat, balance hormones, control appetite and boost energy.


Rapid Weight Loss is Super Motivating!

If done properly, people who lose weight fast are more likely to hit their target and are more likely to keep the weight off.


Putting vanity aside; rapid weight loss can help people suffering from diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure get healthier much quicker. 

Low Carb Plant-Based Mediterranean-Style Meal Plan. 

You're provided structured meal plans on what to eat and when, to help ensure great results, as well as an exit strategy to get you to your goal.

In addition to meal plans, our instruction manual contains delicious recipes, meal calorie breakdowns, and individual food nutrition info.  

Live a Wellness Lifestyle.

As a wellness company we believe that a healthy and sustainable life is best achieved by living a wellness lifestyle. 


We provide you with the latest research on how to create new healthy habits, practice mindfulness and stress-reduction techniques, and so much more.  

Free Membership Program to Help You Keep the Weight Off.

Now that you've lost the weight, you may need some additional support in keeping that weight off for good.


Get more weekly meal plans, recipes, and so much more.

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