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Getting Started 

Welcome to the SOZA Weight Loss Program!


We're thrilled you've taken such a great first step toward transforming your life. Our community of doctors has already helped over 100,000 people reach their goals, and we know you can do it too.

The preparation process is critical, so we encourage you to read through and get comfortable with what comes next.


While you don't have to learn everything at once, taking a few moments every day to learn about the program can be invaluable in achieving your goals.


Starting with nutrition is always a great idea, and we highly recommend it. We understand there is a lot of information to digest, but don't worry - it's easier than you think.


Here are some key areas for you to take note of that can help you get started and revisit.

Please approach this program as an intensive treatment to be taken seriously

Suppose you’re like most people who start with SOZA. This is not your first weight loss program. 

We name it, and chances are, you’ve most likely done it.

However, your SOZA program should be treated differently. 

Here are three reasons why:

  1. The nutrition is based on clinical research by expert doctors and our 10-year experience helping people lose weight. 

  2. It’s not a long-term program, but unlike other weight-loss programs, it sets you up for sustainable success. 

  3. In addition, it’s a program many doctors nationwide use as a last resort before their patients attempt drastic measures like surgery. 

You can do anything in 60 days! 


Start with learning the nutrition.

SOZA nutrition picture-modified.png

As you can see, we have a delicious, nutrient-dense meal plan partly inspired by the Mediterranean diet.  

Experts agree that 80-90% of weight loss is due to nutrition. Hence, if you prepare your environment accordingly and do some food planning, you’re already halfway there.  

How nutrition works on this program. 

Get your Pantry SOZA ready.


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