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Which salt should you use? Check this out

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Which salt should you use?

When we mean all-natural on the SOZA Weight loss program, we are insisting on cutting out processed foods. Pretty straightforward isn’t it?

This is what we tell everyone, take your highly processed table salt and throw it away! Yes! Throw it away. You’ve got four better salt options to use like pure pink Himalayan salt, kosher salt, Celtic salt, and sea Salt.

We choose Himalayan Salt because it has the least known unnatural interference.

Pure pink Himalayan salt is one of the cleanest salts on the planet. Not only does it have culinary uses, but it also has therapeutic and nutritious properties. It has several uses and has been said to be healthier than processed salt.

Why Should You Choose Himalayan salt

  1. It helps to improve respiration; it has been revealed that salt is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial and would help to loosen the excessive mucus as well as speed up the clearance of mucus. This will help solve respiratory problems.

  2. Aids digestion; according to several health experts, a dose of salt daily would help to stimulate the peristalsis of the organ for digestion and would also stimulate body balance.

  3. Acts as a sleep inducer; the high mineral content of the Himalayan salt is why it is said to encourage sleep. Unknown to most people, eating salt daily would guarantee a good night’s rest.

  4. Helps in purifying the air; the Himalayan salt could be used to create a lamp that would provide either your office or home with cleaner air.

  5. Balances the body’s pH; the Himalayan salt has rich minerals that would help in the balancing of the body’s pH.

Kosher salt, Celtic salt, and Sea salt are all better than table salt. They contain trace minerals when compared with table salt.

  1. Kosher Salt is thought of to be better than table salt. It usually contains less iodine and anti-caking agents. It’s mostly used in cooking as opposed to sprinkling on food because of the larger flakes.

  2. Sea Salt is evaporated sea water. Sea water has minerals as well but in today’s seawater, you can get some pollutants. This is quite sad really that we take such things into consideration.

  3. Celtic salt is grayish-looking moist salt, which originally became popular in France. Celtic salt has less sodium and more minerals than regular table salt.


Are the health benefits crazy of choosing one salt over the other?

Salt is salt. Salt is comprised of sodium chloride and tiny traces of minerals. Our issue at SOZA Weight loss is that we simply don’t want you eating anything processed or refined. Refined table salt has additives, anti-caking agents.

Salt is not a health remedy but natural is simply better in the long run.

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