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What can I drink on a rapid weight loss program?

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

WATER and lots of it! But there’s more to a rapid weight loss program

Let's look at this from a Q&A perspective because we get this question a lot.

So why do you need to drink more water?

First things first, you need to drink more water on this program because it helps with flipping the metabolic switch to using fat as energy (that’s the short version).

So, by not drinking enough water, you can actually hinder this metabolic transition.

It ALSO helps with all these things in a 30 day weight loss diet:

1. Increasing energy levels

2. Curbing cravings and hunger pangs

3. Avoiding muscle cramps

4. Constipation

How much should you drink?

Ballpark, aim for 2-3 liters of water a day.

Is Coffee part of your water intake?

The short answer is no. Black coffee or caffeinated beverages are not part of your intake during the SOZA weight loss program. Caffeinated beverages generally dehydrate you.

What should you avoid?

Anything and everything sugary, alcohol, artificial sweetened drinks, fruit juices, “pure” water, dairy milk, caffeine, and commercial smoothies.

What about homemade smoothies?

Yes, simply because you control what ingredients go in them. Feel free to add some natural sweeteners like erythritol, or my personally favorite, Lakanto Classic Monkruit 1:1 which you can find on Amazon.

Wait, did you say, “avoid alcohol?”

Sure did! That’s because alcohol is highly calorific and causes you to have the munchies. However, the occasional drink is fine. A cup of red wine or try a vodka soda. But no more than one alcoholic beverage a day please.

What about naturally sweetened commercial beverages?

This is fine in moderation, because the research is ongoing regarding naturally sweetened beverages in whether they stimulate an insulin response causing you to stall. Most of you don’t like to hear that, we know! But you have to cut down as much as you can.

Do I get water from food? Does it count?

Yes, and yes. You will be getting water from food because you will be eating lots of vegetables, leafy greens and sometimes yogurt which all contain water. It does count, which is why we say drink “enough water,” and around 2-3 liters a day.

So, what happens if I don’t drink enough water?

You could stall, mistake hunger for thirst, not transition into fat burning and have low energy. Most of us are constantly in a state of dehydration on or off the program. Feel free to share some of your nutrition tips to those you think aren’t drinking enough water.

Bottom line and practical ideas

1. Water, sparkling water, waters with electrolytes (no sugar), fruit infused water

2. Herbal teas

3. Unsweetened nut milks (you can sweeten with a natural sweetener yourself) in moderation

4. Unsweetened fermented drinks in moderation

5. Naturally sweetened commercial drinks like Zevia in moderation

6. Caffeinated beverages in moderation

7. Low-carb high-protein shakes

Hope this helps!

What are you drinking? Got some ideas that we can share with everyone?

Many blessings!

Gus from SOZA, Senior Health Coach

P.S. I like to have a shot of apple cider vinegar in my sparkling water with a little monkfruit sweetener in the evening. The apple cider vinegar really helps me suppress my appetite the next morning. It's great for my 12 hours or Time-Restricted Eating which we reference in the manual.

⚠️ Medical Disclaimer

The above is not intended to be medical advice, so if you have any concerns please check-in with your primary care physician. Always keep in mind that the information on the internet is random advice and not medical advice.

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