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Tony Lucidi showing his old pair of Jeans on Dawn’s show!

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Dawn: So, who doesn’t love a great weight loss story? And this is a real health story. I want you to remember these pants, Tony’s pants. This pair, 52 inch waist, used to belong to 46-year-old husband and father, Tony Lucidi. And check out his before picture. Let’s take a look at Tony. This is Tony at his daughter’s Communion, and here is Tony now, 63 pounds lighter. Amazing. Lost in four and a half months. Stand up, Tony, and let’s see your new bod.

Tony: Here we go.

Dawn: Work it now. Work it.

Tony: Check it out.

Dawn: I mean, look at this.

Tony: I look nice.

Dawn: This is so we’re… Just stand there for a second. We’re gonna show the before and the after photo of Tony. And this is four and a half months, you lost that much weight. What a difference? So, how did Tony do it? He went to our sponsor. Actually, you could sit down now. Thank you.

Tony: Oh, thank you, thank you.

Dawn: I’m not gonna embarrass you the whole show, Tony.

Tony: Thank you.

Dawn: He actually went to our sponsor, Soza Clinic, which is a real holistic weight loss plan that works. And of course, Dr. Joseph Gambale is the man behind Tony’s incredible weight loss. And we’re gonna talk to you Doctor in just a moment because Tony, I just wanna hear your story, because, like, you know, more than three years ago, I lost more than 35 pounds, kept it off, and I share… I have my big pants too. But that photo you were telling me earlier in the day when I met you, and your wife, Eileen, and your daughter, Danielle, makes you sad to look at that before photo at your daughter’s communion.

Tony: Yes. It’s very difficult to look at the picture after struggling for so many years and it’s very difficult. Very difficult.

Dawn: And now, you’re a steelworker. So for you, you’ve gotta climb ladders. You’ve got a physical job. How has this made your life, and your job, your career different, just in your mobility, your knees, and your abilities?

Tony: Well, it’s a lot different. Before, I was struggling to just stand for long periods of time because your joints constantly hurting and so forth. And just climbing ladders and we’re climbing through windows to get out on roofs, and so forth, it was not only uncomfortable, but embarrassing too. So, it’s totally different now. Totally different.

Dawn: And different because I know that your wife and daughter said how proud they are. They’re so proud of you that you did this. You did it.

Tony: Right. Yeah. They’re my support group at home and I’m very proud of them too because it’s been hard.

Dawn: Yeah. And it’s okay to get emotional about it. We’ve all cried over our weight loss and everything. But for you, I mean, this is not just… I always wanna emphasize that, you know, it’s not about how you look. I would never wanna send that message. It’s about the inside, your cholesterol, your heart. I mean, you’re gonna live longer. You’re gonna live longer for your little girl and your wife.

Tony: Right. That’s the plan, the absolute plan. I’ve been on blood pressure medicines since for a long, long time. And to eventually…to be off that, would be life-changing.

Dawn: Yeah. We’re gonna talk about your goals and your dream weight in a minute, but I wanna get to the man behind your success and that’s Dr. Gambale of Soza. You know, Tony and I share with each other. We tried every fad diet, every supposed good plan. Why is Soza different? I mean, why does it show these kind of results that stay off?

Dr. Gambale: Absolutely. Well, Soza plan is all, you know, it’s based on all natural supplements and all natural foods, all healthy foods, so we don’t use diuretics. We don’t use, you know, amphetamines or diet pills. We try to live a healthy life. Not just lose weight, but lose, you know, live a healthy life and live longer. That’s what our goal is in the end.

Dawn: And that’s the thing I say about Soza. I think, it’s like the old saying, “Teach a man to fish.” Well, this is, “Teach a man or a woman to fish, but not to fry it, to grill it.”

Dr. Gambale: Absolutely.

Dawn: I mean, it’s really life lessons. I alluded to your dream weight, and we all have our dream weight that we wanna get to. So, we’re gonna take a quick break and we’re gonna share with you how you can get to your dream weight, and what Tony’s dream weight is as well. We’ll be right back. And we are back now talking about what’s your dream weight? We all have that dream, that goal of how healthy we can be and Tony Lucidi is here with Dr. Gambale of Soza are here talking about that dream. How many more pounds do you wanna go? You’ve lost 63 pounds and how are you gonna do it?

Tony: Thirty-seven more pounds.

Dawn: Wow.

Tony: Thirty-seven, for a total of 100 pounds. I’ll be 170 pounds and now, that’s my goal right now.

Dawn: And you’ll do it, and you know you’ll do it.

Tony: And I will do it.

Dawn: And why do you know Soza…you were telling me in the commercial break, actually, that it’s like a road map.

Tony: Yes. It tells you step-by-step exactly what to do, what to eat, what not to eat, what to drink, how to prepare your foods. Tells you everything to do, and it’s all natural foods. It’s anything you could buy in the store and that was the greatest help to me, because I had no idea how to do it. But I know I wanted to do it, just I didn’t know how.

Dawn: Right. Well, and that’s the thing that people always tell me, Dr. Gambale, is that you eat so much. You feel like you’re eating a lot instead of starving yourself, which a lot of diet plans give you the amphetamines and tell you to starve, and that’s not a good plan.

Dr. Gambale: No. Not at all. Well, what we do is have nutritional foods implemented in the program. No more of these, you know, diet pills needed, all natural supplements, and the results are astounding, as you can see.

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