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Here’s how to make a simple low-carb smoothie on a rapid weight loss program.

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Rapid Weight Loss Program

Oh! and by the way, we think smoothies should definitely be one of your go-to meals when you aren’t sure what to have.

Here is a quick breakdown of how to make a high-protein, low-carb smoothie

1. Use 1 tall glass of water or unsweetened almond milk 🥛

2. Use one serving of the accepted fruits on the program 🍓

3. Add lots of leafy greens 🥬

4. One scoop of low-carb protein powder, either whey or vegan

5. Optional natural sweeteners like monk fruit, stevia, or erythritol

6. Optional, 1 tbsp of unsweetened nut butter (a little higher calories) or 1 tbsp of chia seeds, or 1 tbsp of almonds.

To make it truly creamy, add half an avocado 🥑 (but forgo the nut butter, choose your healthy fat).

Also keep in mind, that Omega-3 healthy fats are fantastic, but you can overdo them on the SOZA Weight Loss program.

So, keep healthy fats in moderation.

Personally, we love half an avocado.

What about a low-calorie smoothie?

For a very low-calorie smoothie, make green juice.

We understand that you aren’t always able to get your vegetable serving and most likely you never have enough. A green smoothie would be a great way to increase that intake.

You can literally have green smoothies anytime you want.

However, be very specific with grabbing commercially available ones.

Why can’t you have commercial smoothies with the Weight Loss Program?

Commercially and conveniently available smoothies are overloaded with regular sugar! So do not have those.

Smoothies today, are branded as “healthy” which most are not.

If you trust in your local health food restaurant, then tell them you want it low-carb and high-protein. But tell them the protein must be low-carb as well. One of our main recommendations is that you know where to shop and which restaurants to go to in advance.

Bottom Line

1. If you want to lose weight fast, you need to know how to make a low-carb smoothie.

2. Make a smoothie one of your go-to meals

3. Avoid commercially available smoothies

If you have a question, email reach out to us! Even if you’re not on the program and have a general question about low-carb weight loss programs.

Hey, we hope you found this helpful. Let us know in the comments below what smoothies you like, and if you have any questions please let us know.

Many Blessings!

Gus from SOZA

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