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Dr. Anthony Wehbe, Medical Director on the importance of supplementation on Dawn’s show!

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Dawn: Dawn Stensland-Mendte, back again. You know, one of the biggest questions I get from people is they say, “How did you lose that 35 plus pounds after your last baby and you kept it off?” So this is the thing that I love to talk about. It’s not just about keeping the weight off, it’s not about losing it fast, it’s really about keeping healthy and a lot of times supplements are something that we all need as part of our health plan. I always say, don’t go on a diet, make a plan and stick to the plan. So I’m here now with Dr. Anthony Wehbe of Soza Clinic to explain. I literally, just ran into a mom the other…just yesterday and she was saying this to me, so you better be watching.

Dr.Wehbe: Well, thanks for having me. I appreciate it.

Dawn: Thanks for being here. Now, what is the big thing with the supplements that I love is that you have supplements to help burn the fat.

Dr. Wehbe: Correct. Well, the reason supplements are important in general is because of the nutrition that people eat. A lot of processed foods don’t have the nutrition that’s necessary to keep the weight off and help get that weight off. So one of the supplements that we have is the fat burner supplements that are made from…

Dawn: There are three kinds here.

Dr. Wehbe: Yes.

Dawn: So this one over here, we’ll start with that.

Dr. Wehbe: It’s the Peak and it’s our proprietary formula and it’s basically they’re made of natural ingredients, cranberry, chromium, magnesium to help give people energy and to help them lose the weight and help with those cravings as well.

Dawn: And then the middle one is for working out.

Dr. Wehbe: So again, for people that work and we have different plans for rapid weight loss for people that work out, people that don’t. And again, we adjust our rapid weight loss based on people’s needs and what they need. So yeah, this is a supplement that we have, we call it Boost. It’s there for people that work out and wants the extra energy during their workouts to help, again, target the fat.

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