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SOZA Weight loss Reviews Eileen Toroni and Michelle Demito on CBS Philly

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Interviewer: Great joint pain and back pain can really become overwhelming and you hear it all the time, “If you just lost some weight that pain would ease.” Well, today we have proof of that. We’d like you to meet Eileen Toroni, and Michelle Demito, and also Dr. Gregg Gohen, a chiropractor who is a SOZA Clinic Healthy Circle Partner. It’s great to have you all with us. Dr. Gohen, let’s begin with you. How does chiropractic care and weight loss work together?

Dr. Gohen: Chiropractic makes one aware of their joint health. So, with excessive weight on the joints, it leads to early arthritic change, dis-ease of movements, and overall health difficulty.

Interviewer: And so, with some chiropractic care, can it help enhance weight loss?

Dr. Gohen: Absolutely, because it does make you aware of how your body moves. So, you want to lose weight, you want to move better, your posture improves, and the more it happens, the more you want to lose the weight.

Interviewer: Well, so Eileen actually has real proof of that. So, Eileen’s journey with Soza started six months ago. Okay, show us that dress, girl. Oh, my goodness. Look at that. And we also have a before and after picture to show everyone. Eileen, tell me what you’re breaking point was?

Eileen: Seeing myself in that dress.

Interviewer: Seriously?

Eileen: I wore that to a wedding last year and saw pictures and I was devastated and sick that I gained that much.

Interviewer: So, in six months, you have lost how much weight?

Eileen: I have lost 65 pounds and 45 inches.

Interviewer: And you feel…?

Eileen: I feel great. This time last year, I was walking on a cane because I couldn’t even…my legs wouldn’t hold me.

Interviewer: That’s amazing. Okay, so Michelle also. Tell me about your journey. We also have a before and after picture to show everyone. Tell us about this.

Michelle: It started back in May and there was just a breaking point where I wanted to be healthier and I lost 42 pounds and forty four and a half inches, and ten and a half inches of it alone in my waist.

Interviewer: That’s amazing. Okay, so when everybody asks, “How hard was it to use the Soza program?”

Michelle: It wasn’t hard at all. It feels really good to be putting healthy, good, real food into your body and it, in turn, makes you feel great. And you see these results so it just makes you wanna keep going.

Interviewer: And the same thing with you, Eileen?

Eileen: Absolutely. It’s not hard at all. It’s real food and it’s all food that you can enjoy.

Interviewer: And very simply, this really can improve their health overall?

Dr. Gohen: Absolutely. When you’re eating whole foods, you’re getting a better quality of nutrition. That’s what Soza focuses on. And with the addition of exercise, learning how to breathe correctly, relaxation techniques, these women and the clients of Soza do very well.

Interviewer: Beautiful. Well, thank you all so much.

Eileen: Thank you.

Interviewer: We wish you continued good health.

Michelle: Thank you.

Interviewer: Continue good practice Doc.

Interviewer: Thank you so much.

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