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Terri and Alfred weigh-in with Pat Ciarrocchi on CBS Talk Philly

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Pat: With summer coming, now is the time to shed those extra pounds. We told you that the Soza Clinic gave some viewers a free program, and we plan to follow the progress of two people, right here, on Talk Philly. We want you to meet Terri Hartlove and Alfred Trotter, they are our two candidates. Also, Soza Health Consultant, Kim Scott. Great to have you all with us. This is very exciting for you. They actually are going to weigh in live, here on Talk Philly. So Terri, you’re 52 years old. Why do you want to lose weight?

Terri: I want to get healthy, but more than anything, I want to be able to be a good role model for my children. Maybe I can even inspire a few people.

Pat: Great. Well we love that inspiration here on Talk Philly. Al, how about you?

Al: Well, I’m a former marine and I just started a women’s professional bikini basketball team.

Pat: Bikini basketball.

Al: Yeah, Philadelphia Diamonds. They’ve gotta be in shape so I figured I might as well too.

Pat: Beautiful. Okay, so here we go Terri and, you know, I really appreciate you being able to say all this publicly. So here we go. This is where we’re going to begin with Terri, and Kim, why don’t you read that out to us?

Kim: 234.

Pat: Okay, 234. All right. I think maybe you need to hit a button there, Kim. Go ahead, do that. There we go. Now we can see it. All right go ahead Al, you next. All right, there we go. What do we have?

Kim: We have 235.8.

Pat: All right. Beautiful. So that’s very brave of you, you know, to talk about weight, because I won’t be doing that. Let’s go over here. Let’s take a look at this program, the Soza Clinic program, because it includes vitamin supplements, but it really does include real food. So Kim, tell everyone what you would have for breakfast. Give us a framework of what the meals of the day would look like.

Kim: Okay, so basically for breakfast, you could have either a piece of fruit or our Soza meal replacement shake. Also, egg whites are a good option for breakfast. You could use unsweetened almond milk and either truvia or Stevia to sweeten your coffee.

Pat: Okay, so it would be egg whites or…

Kim: Correct.

Pat: Or, one of these.

Kim: You could have egg whites and a piece of fruit.

Pat: And a piece of fruit. Okay, good.

Kim: Yes, you could.

Pat: I want to make it real clear because it’s kind of deceiving. Okay, then you have a snack.

Kim: Yes, you could have an apple for a snack. That’s one of the foods from our list as well as our Soza meal replacement bar is a good option for a snack.

Pat: Okay, and then we have these drinks, too.

Kim: Yes, you can use honey Honest Tea. It’s Honest Tea. It’s also organic and unsweetened and our bai is also unsweetened water.

Pat: Okay, again, let’s talk about real food and this is what you would have for either lunch or dinner.

Kim: Right.

Pat: Or lunch and dinner.

Kim: These are options that you can have for lunch or dinner. You would take a protein like chicken breast and combine it with a vegetable. You can have unlimited amounts of salad. You can have either, like, grilled tofu or curry tofu as an option or another protein like steak or fish.

Pat: And, then, also the supplements are a real key part and what do they do? What do they help provide?

Kim: Our supplements help to release stored fat into the body to use that as energy as well as give you hunger and appetite support and to boost your metabolism.

Pat: All right, beautiful. Kim, thank you very much. We are going to wish the two of you a lot of success. We’re going to see how much they lose. We’re going to be checking back with them in two weeks. So we wish you really well with this. So remember before you start any weight loss program you need to check with your doctor. All plans should include a healthy diet and exercise program. And remember, everyone is different. Individual results will vary. Now speaking of results, we will be checking back in with Terri and with Al in two weeks to see how they’ve done. And so, good luck to you all. For more on the Soza Clinic and its plan for you to lose weight, you can go to and click on the Talk Philly.

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