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Dr. Randy Babcock of Trinity Chiropractic with Tae on Good Day Kansas

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Chiropractor Randy Babcock D.C., at Trinity Chiropractic explains how he uses the SOZA Weight Loss program in his practice. Dr. Babcock is joined by Shawna who lost 30 pounds to date and looks great.

Jillian: Good Day Kansas continues. And today it’s my privilege to share a unique story. We’re at Trinity Chiropractic today. We’re joined here with Dr. Randy Babcock, thank you for having us.

Randy: Well, thank you.

Jillian: So, you are in the business of helping people and you do it in many different ways. And something I love is that you’re inspired by your own personal journey, so tell us a little bit about that.

Randy: When I was 15, my dad died of a sudden heart attack. And he was very unhealthy, he was very overweight, he ate really bad. Then a thing my mother did at the time, is she went through the entire kitchen and started throwing everything away. And we were like, protesting, getting mad, like, “No, those are my favorites,” you know? And stuff like that. And she said, “No, I’m throwing it all away.” And so, even though we protested, she stuck with it, and I was so happy looking back at what she did for us, it really meant a lot to me.

Jillian: What you’ve done is you have created a program to help people, and a lot of the focus is on the nutrition, sort of like your mom did.

Randy: Yeah, exactly.

Jillian: But tell us about this program, just kind of an overview of what you hope that…how you help people when they come to you.

Randy: Okay, well, one of the program that we have is called a SOZA Weightloss program. And with it, it’s a weight loss program to help people lose weight naturally, and also lose the right weight, which is fat weight. And then you’re coming in for weekly meetings that we can help a person get through any sticking points, or making sure that they’re on track, and being there for support for them as well.

Jillian: Well, we are actually going to hear from someone who has taken advantage of this program and it has changed her life. Now, I’m joined by Tae Smith, who successfully finished the six-week program, and you’re actually continuing that healthy lifestyle.

Tae: Yes.

Jillian: How has your lifestyle changed?

Tae: I really can’t explain it, it kind of gets me emotional when I talk about it actually. I dealt with chronic pain, so for people who’ve never lived with chronic pain, it’s, you know, it’s kind of hard to explain. But I have leg and back issues because I have cerebral palsy, and I had twins. And my life was just busy all the time, and I had a hard time keeping up with my kiddos. So, I decided to make that change to…for myself so that I could, you know, better deal with my pain and not have it as much, as well as keep up with my kids, you know, and be able to play with them and stay active with and for them. So, that was my driving force.

Jillian: What a success story, that’s got to be great for you to see as well.

Randy: Oh, it absolutely is. I am so happy when my patients get great results like that. And Tae, I am so proud of you, you stuck with it, and you’re just an amazing woman.

Jillian: I love that. So, if we’re at home and interested in this program, how do we get started?

Randy: Oh, there’s several ways you can do it. You can give our office a call at 316-612-0600. You can email us at, or on my website.

Jillian: Facebook page.

Randy: Facebook, just about everything you can think of we have. So, and the consultation is free and so is the first initial exam, because wanna make sure that the program is right for them.

Jillian: Excellent. Well, thank you so much for your time today.

Randy: Yeah, thank you. I appreciate you having me.

Jillian: Thank you!

SOZA Weightloss® is a weight loss and wellness program offered by physician’s across the country. Dr. Randy Babcock studied nutrition and over the years got more interested in health and wellness. He found his calling as a Chiropractor to help families live better and become healthier through a natural and healthy lifestyle.

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