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Cheryl, Colby, and Kenise discuss their incredible stories on CBS Talk Philly

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Pat: It can be one of the toughest challenges many people face, and once successful, can change lives. Not only are they healthier, they have more energy and more confidence about how they look. For the next month here in Philadelphia, the Soza Clinic is offering a way to become the after picture that you have in your mind. Joining me is Dr. Anthony Wehbe from the Soza Clinic. Dr. Wehbe, you have gone national now, the response is tremendous, what is your vision though, with this campaign?

Dr. Wehbe: Well, Pat, thank you very much for having us back on the show again. I just want to start… When I became a physician a few years ago, I really went in to help people. I know it sounds a little cliche, but truly, deep down inside, I wanted to help people, instead of treating them but prevent things, and prevent diseases, as opposed to just treating them. So when two years ago, when I myself lost 50 pounds and I was a pre-diabetic at that time, it truly, truly changed my life and the way that I feel, and the way that I approach medicine in general. What the Soza Clinic has done, is really form these methods, and taken that belief, in the sense that we want to empower people and help them change their future.

Pat: So you actually have been able to do that with three of your clients who are with us?

Dr. Wehbe: Correct. Correct.

Pat: We’re going to begin with Kenise. Kenise lost 60 pounds. Let’s take a look at her before. Here is Kenise now. Kenise…

Kenise. Hi.

Pat: How do you feel?

Kenise: I feel great. I feel more energized than I’ve ever felt.

Pat: And you actually are shopping more, too, aren’t you?

Kenise: Yes.

Pat: Show us what you used to wear.

Kenise: This is what I used to wear.

Pat: Isn’t that something?

Kenise: Yes.

Pat: It really is terrific. And your total weight loss at this point?

Kenise: Is 60 pounds and I actually have 47 inches of weight loss.

Pat: Really is spectacular and you feel so good. Okay, so our next client is Colby. Now this is Colby when she lost 50 pounds through the Soza Clinic. Colby is with us now. Now Colby what’s your total number now?

Colby: Sixty-three pounds and thirty four and a half inches.

Pat: All right. Isn’t that terrific. People really thought that you had gone through weight loss surgery?

Colby: Yeah. When I posted the pictures on Facebook, people started commenting how great it was, I looked fantastic, and then somebody made a comment about, “Oh, I had the surgery, too.” I was almost caught off guard because I definitely did not have surgery. I worked very hard with the Soza Clinic and they are just amazing. But my friends had made me a T-shirt that I could wear to show people that I did not have surgery.

Pat: Oh, goodness. And so Cheryl now is our third client, and Cheryl has a remarkable story as well. This is her before picture, and so now, where are you?

Cheryl: I’m down 60 pounds and 48 inches.

Pat: So what can you do now that you weren’t able to do before?

Cheryl: You know, I can just go through life and not worry about whether I’m going to have energy, whether my body is going to get in the way of things that I wanna do. You know, I can run around with my nieces and take my dog for a run and it’s easy now.

Pat: All right, beautiful. So this must make you feel terrific?

Dr. Wehbe: Yes, without a doubt, without a doubt.

Pat: Okay. It is that investment for the future, and that’s what we’re going to be talking about over the next month or so. We will be seeing other healthcare professionals from the Soza Clinic beginning next Monday also. So, every week, Soza Clinic is going to give away a 30-day weight loss program and a trip for 2 to Las Vegas, Orlando, or Cancun to 1 lucky winner. You can enter the contest at We’ll be right back.

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