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Celebrating 12 Non-Scale Victories: How It Helps With the SOZA Weight Loss Program

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

A SOZA Weight Loss confident woman showing her muscles

Are you struggling to see improvement in your health journey?

Non-scale victories (NSVs) are a great way to recognize the successes occurring outside of what the scale might show.

For example, feeling better physically, sleeping soundly, and having more energy throughout the day can indicate that incremental changes have contributed to a healthier lifestyle!

Looking beyond the number on a scale when pursuing health can help reveal inspiring successes in your journey.

Non-scale victories (NSVs) are small lifestyle changes that, over time, create real positive impacts and make tangible differences: from increased energy levels to better sleep quality - all of which contribute to building healthier habits for life.

Celebrating these physical wins will reward you with meaningful progress and lasting results!

Here are the 12 examples of Non-Scale Victories you should celebrate:

1. Your wardrobe has never looked better than it does now.

Did you know that your pants could give away the signs of success before a scale even tells you?

It's true!

Lindsey showing offer her new wardrobe after losing weight on the SOZA weight loss program

Regarding weight loss, if those jeans feel more loose or comfortable than they used to, congratulations, your efforts have been paying off. And this isn't just something adults feel strongly about - studies show younger people often place importance on appearance over other factors when considering their health too.

So pay attention next time you slip into an outfit and note how much progress you have made since last month because there may well be some exciting changes waiting for discovery in your wardrobe!

2. You have a new support team.

When choosing your support team, it is crucial to be mindful of the people you choose — you want people on your team who are genuinely interested in what's best for you. It's not enough for them to offer encouragement and platitudes; instead, look for those who will work alongside you as partners in health.

These may include your SOZA weight loss doctor, health coach, nutritionist, personal trainer, or a trusted friend or family member who can hold you accountable and encourage positive behaviors.

SOZA Weight Loss support team

Establishing relationships with supportive individuals can make all the difference when trying to achieve weight loss goals.

A fitness buddy can motivate you to stay active and push your boundaries. In addition, your trusted friends can lend a supportive ear to hear you out and share your struggles.

Having someone around to talk through any struggles can take so much weight off of our shoulders – so don't underestimate the power of having an understanding ear during your journey.

Richard Hays credits his SOZA health coach with helping him to lose 56 pounds.

Richard Hays on CBS 3 in Philadelphia explaining how he lost 56 lbs on the SOZA Weight loss program

Richard: "No! I just started exercising three weeks ago. I started after losing 40-plus pounds since I started to feel more energetic. We purchased an elliptical, and now I am starting to get on the elliptical, and things are starting to happen. My counselor believed in me, and I intend to reach my goal!"

3. You've lost inches

One can easily get bogged down in numbers when embarking on a weight loss journey. While weighing yourself is essential to tracking progress, so are other measures, such as waist circumference.

A SOZA weight loss participant showing off her inches after losing weight

Tracking your waist-to-hip ratio (WHR) is another excellent way to measure progress alongside the scale. The WHR is calculated by dividing your waist circumference by your hip circumference and is seen as a more accurate gauge for health risk than BMI alone. A higher WHR puts one at greater risk for developing health problems such as diabetes, stroke, heart disease, and certain cancers.

However, tracking this measurement isn't all bad news - when you pay attention to the number on the tape measure, you can also celebrate the non-scale victories (NSVs) that come with it!

Following the SOZA weight loss program means that common NSVs like fitting into clothes better or having increased energy levels should start showing up soon after you begin monitoring your WHR – so these are some positive outcomes to look out for during your journey.

Another way to celebrate this NSV is when you notice that your clothing items fit more loosely around the midsection than before. A decrease in WHR numbers means that you lost fat from both the abdominal area and hips, so it's essential to take note of even small changes in this measurement to stay motivated along your journey.

Measuring and tracking progress beyond what appears on the scales is so important when trying to reach goals because it gives us tangible evidence and encouragement, which helps keep us on track – so don't forget to take a moment each week to check this number and acknowledge any improvements!

Eventually, with consistency and dedication, we will gather enough small successes to add to big ones – so keep at it with your journey!

4. You're sleeping better.

Suppose you're feeling more well-rested lately and wondering why; that weight loss may be the answer! A recent study discovered those who shed around 15 pounds improved their sleep quality significantly. Plus, research suggests tackling belly fat has an impressive impact on your shuteye.

Furthermore, getting adequate rest also helps keep us motivated and energized enough to keep up with our exercise routine, helping us reach our goals faster.

According to sleep experts from the Sleep Foundation, we must get the correct amount of sleep each night so that our bodies can adequately rest and recover and stay active and consistent with our fitness routine.

Therefore, check in with yourself when you're feeling especially tired or unmotivated. Suppose it's not because of a lack of energy due to improper nutrition.

In that case, you may need to focus more on getting into a solid sleep schedule so that your body has enough time to restore itself and function optimally during the day.

Doing so will help keep you going strong even as you continue working hard towards your goals!

Reorder the 60-day SOZA program picture

5. You've got more energy.

By following a healthier, more active lifestyle, researchers have found that people experience more energy than before. Increasing physical activity and eating nutritious food will give your body the fuel to power through daily activities.

For example, when you start to work out and eat nutrient-dense meals, you'll notice an increase in energy levels as your body becomes more efficient at using the energy from calories it consumes.

Studies show that those who exercise regularly enjoy higher overall energy levels than those who don't. Staying active is due to several factors, such as improved cardiovascular health and increased oxygen flow throughout the body. Working out can also help boost endorphin levels in the brain, which, in turn, can provide a sense of well-being and motivation that lasts for hours after an intense workout.

In addition to exercise, focusing on healthy eating habits is vital to boosting energy levels sustainably. Eating foods rich in vitamins and minerals, like fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, and healthy fats, can help improve your overall well-being while providing your body with all the nutrients it needs.

Medical News Today reports having shown that meals high in protein take longer to digest than carbohydrate-rich foods, providing sustained energy throughout the day without causing dips or crashes in blood sugar levels, which can lead to fatigue.

Not only will an active lifestyle and healthy diet improve energy levels, but research has also found that they can reduce stress hormones!

When our bodies experience constant stress, these hormones build up in our systems leading us to feel tired or sluggish.

Introducing regular exercise into your routine can help alleviate this buildup by reducing cortisol and adrenaline production in the body while simultaneously increasing endorphins - hormones linked with happiness -.

SOZA Weight Loss participant feeling more energetic and walking her two dogs

Small changes like increasing physical activity as you lose weight and get more energy or selecting different meal times can make a huge difference in gaining natural energy boosts throughout the day.

Not only do these changes benefit us physically, but they also have a positive effect on our mental well-being,

6. You have less pain

Losing even a modest amount of pounds from our frames can help lighten the load on our legs and back, making walking or jogging less painful!

Research by Harvard Medical School shows that if we drop some extra lbs, we feel better and more motivated to move around – helping keep joints pain-free in those all-important areas.

Weight loss can have a significant impact on reducing pain and improving overall health. For example, weight loss can reduce joint pressure, allowing for better mobility and lessening discomfort. It can also help improve blood flow throughout the body, which helps reduce inflammation and swelling in joints impacted by arthritis or other conditions.

Additionally, losing weight can boost energy levels and improve mood, making it easier to stay active and manage pain. Finally, focusing on healthy eating and exercise is essential to any pain management plan, leading to improved physical health, increased motivation, and better quality of life.

So if you're experiencing less pain, know that your program is working.

7. There is a marked improvement in your medical results.

You're making great strides in your health journey – and there's an easy way to track it!

A SOZA weight loss doctor giving the thumbs up

A routine doctor visit can show if the changes you've made, like switching up your diet or adding exercise to your daily routines, positively impact important markers like blood pressure and sugar.

From boosting motivation to factual evidence that healthier habits make a difference in our bodies, these numbers matter when it comes to staying on track with self-care practices.

Plus, the CDC has shown those who lost weight because of medical concerns were likely more successful at dropping excess pounds and keeping them off over time - so get ready for some big wins!

8. Doing the activities that bring you joy is now within reach.

Pat yourself on the back for taking steps to become healthier – you can keep up your momentum by doing things that make life fun! From playing with kids and pets, getting into nature while gardening, moving around to favorite songs, or going out for an energizing walk, these activities present more than just exercise - they create joy too.

SOZA Weight loss success story Alex feeling great

Losing weight can be incredibly liberating and empowering. It makes participating in activities that once seemed out of reach much more effortless. Simple physical tasks, such as walking or running, become within your capability. You'll feel energized and motivated like never before because you can now take advantage of all the previously impossible activities.

With a healthier body, you may make new friends, explore beautiful places, and, most importantly, have fun!

Take control of your life and work towards a healthier version of yourself.

9. You feel your mind is sharper.

When our bodies are healthier, our brains tend to be as well. For instance, when we exercise and fuel ourselves correctly with nutritious foods, it helps us stay sharp and focused, which leads to improved mental performance.

Experts at the Cleveland Clinic believe this is due to the release of endorphins, hormones created by the body during physical activity linked to improving mood and focus - both short-term and long-term!

SOZA Weight loss testimonials playing chess

Doctor weight loss programs not only help to increase endorphin levels for improved mental performance, but they can also help us achieve better sleep quality. A good night's rest is an essential part of staying healthy and feeling energized, and studies have shown that those who lose at least 10% of their body weight experience a marked improvement in their sleeping patterns.

The results can be impressive when doctor weight loss plans are combined with adequate sleep each night. Not only do individuals who lose at least 10% of their body weight experience increased energy levels throughout the day, but studies have also found that these same people report improved moods and overall sense of well-being too.

Furthermore, when combined with other healthy lifestyle changes like quitting smoking or reducing alcohol consumption - doctor weight loss plans may even help lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels!

Plus, the positive benefits don't stop there; with doctor-approved diets, individuals can expect sustained weight loss over time, resulting in more energy and less fatigue during daily activities.

Ultimately, you won't just look better but feel better, too - thanks to increased endorphin levels for improved mental performance and better sleep each night.

10. You have healthier ways of dealing with stress and adversity.

It is no secret that stress can harm one's life, but so can unhealthy ways of dealing with it. Stress eating, for instance, is a common but often unhealthy coping mechanism many people use when feeling overwhelmed or anxious.

The SOZA weight loss program offers individuals an alternative way to deal with stress and adversity - healthy nutrition!

Eating nutrient-dense foods in adequate amounts helps the body create serotonin which is essential for managing stress levels. In other words, eating healthy foods means that instead of reaching for sugary snacks or other junk food items as a source of comfort, you can now get something wholesome and nutritious that will provide long-term benefits to your health.

In addition to improved mental performance and better quality sleep, soza weight loss programs can help you develop healthier ways of dealing with stress and adversity. With doctor-approved diets, individuals are provided with the proper knowledge to make informed nutritional decisions to achieve their goals without resorting to unhealthy coping mechanisms such as stress eating.

11. Your plate is a work of art.

Eating a variety of colors is essential to SOZA weight loss programs, so why not make your plate look as beautiful and healthy as the food on it?

Take advice from the pros:

  • Adjust the lighting.

  • Simplify the background.

  • Add tasteful accessories.

  • Choose a dramatic angle to accentuate your meal.

Picture of a SOZA meal

While this may seem intimidating at first, once you get used to taking pictures of your meals, you'll likely find it fun and rewarding! With so many delicious low-carb Mediterranean diet options available, eating healthy doesn't have to be boring - so enjoy creating colorful dishes that also satisfy!

Following the SOZA weight loss program can improve your overall health and get creative in the kitchen. There's so much to gain from eating healthy, so why not make it look as beautiful as it tastes and consider sharing your meal pictures with your community?

You may inspire a person or two.


12. You're saving money by avoiding fast food.

Finally, you're improving your health and saving money with SOZA weight loss programs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that, in 2018, the average U.S. household spent about $67 each week eating out. You will save by switching to a low-carb Mediterranean diet and avoiding unhealthy fast-food restaurants.

Doctor-prescribed low-carb diets are an excellent alternative for those trying to stick to a budget while still enjoying delicious meals.

So if you want to make healthier choices for yourself and your wallet - look no further than SOZA weight loss plans!

With nutritional nutrition advice and regular physical activity, you'll feel healthier and wealthier in no time!

Picture of a man checking his receipts at the grocery


Understandably, many people's goal is to lose weight, but it doesn't need to be the only way you measure your success.

Celebrate all the non-scale victories and milestones you've hit. Acknowledge the internal and external changes that you have made and are making toward a healthier life.

If you're struggling to lose weight, remember that there are other ways to measure your success besides the number on the scale.

You deserve a healthier life, and the SOZA weight loss program is here to help you get there.

Gus from SOZA
Health Blog Writer

About Gus Bouari, SOZA Co-Founder

After his childhood friend and co-founder, Dr. Anthony Wehbe lost 50 pounds on the SOZA weight loss program, he also did the program and lost 35 pounds.

Gus is a wellness advocate and enthusiast. Gus truly believes we can all transform our lives by adapting to and following a healthy, wellness-focused lifestyle.

He has appeared on Miami NBC 6 Health in the Mix, discussing healthy eating and healthy cooking.

If you ever bump into Gus, it would most likely be at a health foods store helping fellow shoppers make better food choices.

His continuous education and certifications include Stanford Online University's Food Sustainability, Mindful Eating, Healthy Cooking, Nutrition For Health and Sustainability, Nutrition Science: Obesity, and Healthy Weight Loss.

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