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Tips on How to Eat Out


You should enjoy a dinner meal out now and then and make sure it's both delicious and nutritious.

Eating out with friends and family can be tricky - those pizza, pasta, and burger dishes are so tempting! We know! 

However, those dishes aren’t going anywhere; hopefully, that restaurant isn’t going anywhere either. So choose restaurants that have a healthy menu. 


Remember that you should treat this program like you are in treatment. The SOZA program is an intensive weight loss program designed to kickstart your weight loss and lose stubborn body fat. It’s not forever. 


So, eating out needs some planning. We’re going to give you some suggestions. 


  1. Before dinner

  2. During dinner

  3. Dessert 

  4. Alcohol

  5. The next day


Before arriving at the restaurant:


  • Have a protein-filled lunch on the day of. This way, you don’t arrive starving at dinnertime, and it’ll be easier to make an informed choice without feeling overwhelmed. 

  • Check the menu, or see some pictures to get a relative idea of what the meals look like



During dinner:


  • We all appreciate “value” when it comes to choosing meals. A steak with veggies on the side and any fish steak work. If you go for a salad, ask the server for an extra protein side. This way, you won’t feel the meal isn’t as substantial as other meals. 

  • Eat a meal high in protein. Forget calories.  

  • Fries on the side? Switch it out with veggies. 

  • Olive oil and lemon. Forget the crazy sauces. Add hot sauce or paprika, and you’re good to go. 

  • Ask for an extra side of greens or a big-size salad anyways. 

  • Please don’t be shy when it comes to your health goals. 

  • Eat slowly. Enjoy your meal. 

  • Skip the dessert and opt for black tea instead. Black tea will help settle your stomach.


Dessert and alcohol


By all means, skip the dessert. You can have some of that if you’ve got a piece of dark chocolate. Remember why you are on this program. 


No more than one drink. Drinking more will cause you to eat more and get carried away into all sorts of trouble 🙂


The next day:


If you feel too full the next day, skip breakfast and go to lunch. Have liquids instead. 


However, if you feel hungry when you wake, then most likely, the previous night was low in protein, and you happened to nibble here overeating starch. Go ahead and have a decent high-protein breakfast. 

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