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Tips from SOZA Members


There are several reasons why it's great to read about testimonials from successful weight loss participants. Here are some of them:


  • Inspiration and Motivation: Reading about other people's success stories can be incredibly inspiring and motivating. 

  • Tips and Advice: Reading these can give you valuable insights into what worked for them, and you can use this information to create a plan that will work for you.

  • Community and Support: You may relate to some of their struggles and challenges, giving you a sense of community and support.

  • Know it's Achievable: You'll know you do the same when you see what others have achieved!

So get inspired! 

How Alex's 100 pound weight loss journey is inspiring others to live healthier

  1. "Focus on the Benefits:" Alex talks about how losing over 100 pounds has made him feel like he actively prevented future health problems. By focusing on weight loss benefits, such as improved health, increased energy, and better quality of life, you can stay motivated to stick with your weight loss journey.

  2. "Share Your Success:" He mentions how friends and family are interested in the program now that they've seen the results in person. Sharing your success with others can inspire and motivate them to start their weight loss journey.

  3. "Learn Healthy Habits:" Choose a program that teaches healthy eating habits, including whole foods and organic ingredients. Finding a program like SOZA that teaches you how to eat healthy long-term can create a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

  4. "Create Your Meals:" Alex liked SOZA because it did not send prepackaged meals but taught him how to make healthy meals. By creating your meals, you can learn how to make healthy choices and develop good eating habits that will last a lifetime.

60 Pounds Lighter and Living with Confidence: My Transformation Story

  • "Take responsibility for your health:" Lindsey made a positive change in her life when she realized that her health was in her hands. She took control of her life and took steps to change her lifestyle.

  • "Don't be afraid to try something new:" Lindsey was hesitant to try the SOZA program at first, but she eventually gave it a chance, which changed her life. Sometimes, taking a chance at something new can lead to great results.

  • "Enjoy cooking healthy meals:" Lindsey discovered that cooking healthy meals can be delicious and enjoyable. She even started her food blog. Finding pleasure in preparing healthy meals can make sticking to a healthy lifestyle easier.

  • "Celebrate progress:" Lindsey celebrated her weight loss milestones and enjoyed the positive feedback from others. Celebrating progress, no matter how small, can help motivate and encourage continued success.

  • "Be confident:" Losing weight and feeling healthier can boost confidence. Lindsey gained the confidence to try new things, like yoga classes, and to feel comfortable in her skin.

  • "Don't hold on to old clothes:" Lindsey got rid of the old clothes that no longer fit her. Letting go of old items can liberate and create new wardrobes and possibilities.

  • "Give it a chance": Lindsey encourages others to give the SOZA program a chance for ten days to see incredible results for themselves. Sometimes, taking that first step can be the most challenging, but seeing positive changes in your life is worth it.

How does Jackie feel 63 pounds lighter?

Interviewer: And so Jackie, how did you manage through the program? Please give us a sense of what a day was like and when you got hungry and didn't. 

Jackie: This was the easiest thing I ever did. Honestly, I've done every diet out there. It is three proteins a day, five fruits, and vegetables. It's that simple. It really is. There's no weighing. There's no measuring. You know what you're allowed to have and what you're not, and the supplements really did help. They were no cravings. I wasn't hungry, and I was a big girl. I ate a lot. I can honestly say I wasn't hungry. And I had a great support system. The people in the office are lovely. You're there every week to be weighed and measured, and they're there when you need them. My family was wonderful. It was the easiest thing I ever did. 

Interviewer: But how did you cope when you know you're a big girl, and you're used to eating a large volume of food, and then suddenly you're down to a much smaller portion? So how do you manage that kind of psychologically? 

Jackie: It's scary at; first, it really is. But the best part of this psychologically is you go in there and three pounds, three pounds every week. The scale never went down less than three pounds and that was just an amazing thing. How much more motivation do you need then? This is working. I can do anything for 60 days. I couldn't do anything for 90 days. 

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Jim Gorman before and after.JPG

Grandpa lost over a 100 pounds! What was it like? How do you feel?

Jim's advice would be to follow the plan exactly as it is laid out in the book. This includes eating vegetables and protein, taking supplements, not eating between meals, and weighing your food. Jim found the plan simple to follow, and although it was a constant battle to stop snacking between meals, he did not feel overly hungry because the meals were filling. He also recommends finding a support system, such as a spouse or friend, who can help with meal planning and preparation.


Finally, Jim emphasizes the importance of determination and commitment to achieving weight loss goals.

Pat: So how difficult was it for you? 

Jim: Well, it wasn't bad at all, really. My wife adopted all the cooking for me and it's really simple to do. The diet is… All you have to do is follow the plan. The book has all the information need on it. All you have to do is follow it and then just stick to it, you know, stick to the diet. And I was…you know, I was determined to make the…lose the weight because the way I looked before. When I was that big, when I was 331 pounds, I wouldn't go near water because I didn't want to get a harpoon thrown in my behind. 

Pat: Oh, my goodness. And so when you say that it's fairly easy to do. I mean, is it essentially vegetables and protein? 

Jim: That's correct. And the supplements that you take. You know, it's this, you know, simple diet plan. It's just not eat between meals, which most people who are heavy do, which I had to stop doing, but it's a constant battle to do that, to... 

Pat: Right. And but yet you didn't feel so hungry… 


Jim: No, I didn't! 

How I Lost 60 Pounds Naturally with SOZA: Deborah's Success Story

  • Emphasize natural foods: SOZA program stresses the importance of all-natural foods, including organic produce, no artificial sweeteners, and no diet foods with chemicals. Focus on eating a diet filled with whole, natural foods, and avoid processed and artificial foods.

  • Involve family or friends: A support system, like Deborah's husband and daughter, can be a great motivation to stick to the program. Involve your family and friends in your weight loss journey and work towards your goals together.

  • Set achievable goals: Setting achievable goals can help you stay motivated throughout the program. Start by setting small goals and work up to larger ones as you progress.

  • Monitor progress: Monitoring your progress, such as weighing yourself regularly, can help you stay motivated and track your progress. Seeing results can be a great ego booster and help you stay committed to the program.

  • Be patient: Be patient and stick to the program even if you don't see immediate results. The key is to stay committed and consistent over time.

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