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Dr. McCarthy on CBS’s WNCT promotes the SOZA Weight Loss program

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

“Hey, folks, Dr. McCarthy here. And I wanna talk to you today about a little problem that we have in the East, actually a huge problem we have in the East, obesity. And the way that we combat that here in our office is with SOZA Weight Loss. And this is an all-natural, holistic approach to weight loss.

It’s four different supplements that you take, and you do this over the course of two months. Most folks in our office are losing anywhere between 30 and 35 pounds in 2 months. All-natural, no drugs.

Next part is it’s all doctor supervised. You meet with me or my staff, and we follow your progress, and we help you, and hold your hand, and guide you through the process. Third is you’re going to eat real foods, and the foods are gonna provide nutrition. You are gonna buy these foods at your local grocery store. And one of the problems that people see is that obese folks are actually undernourished, and that leads to nutrient deficiency.

So what we do in our office is we do extensive blood work so we can see which nutrients you may be deficient in. Because if you’re walking around with deficiencies, you are going to wind up being unhealthy. And our goal is not just to make you lose weight, it’s to make you healthy. If you learn which food you should be eating, which nutrients you should be taking, you’ll become a new person in just a matter of months.

Folks who are interested in our weight loss program, we always offer a free 15-minute consultation. Come on into the office, we sit down, we show you a short five-minute video, then I’ll come in and I’ll speak with you, and I’ll explain the whole program to you in detail. We’ll explain what you need to do, how we are going to help support you. We go over the supplements with you, give you the basic framework of the diet. It’s gonna cost you 15 minutes, and it’s gonna change your life.”


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