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425 W Town Pl ste 104 106, St. Augustine, FL 32092, United States


You may be eating healthy and doing your best to lose weight, but for some reason those stubborn pounds just won’t come off! It’s affecting you physically and maybe even causing you to question your self-confidence. It can make you feel helpless and extremely frustrated.
We know that feeling all too well. You are not alone!
Here is the deal, most weight-loss programs do not address the metabolic factors needed to lose stubborn body fat.
The recommendation of just “exercise and go on a diet” simply doesn’t cut it. If that were true, then you wouldn’t have a weight problem to begin with and there wouldn’t be an obesity epidemic.
Clinical studies have shown that weight gain is primarily due to various hormonal imbalances, causing us to become overweight. We eat more because we become fatter, and because we become fatter, we eat more.
This vicious cycle can be very hard to break.
But here’s the great news! Right here at St. Augustine Weight Loss, we can help you stop this vicious cycle with our new rapid weight-loss program.
Why a rapid weight loss program?
The latest weight-loss research shows that rapid weight-loss programs, when done right and properly, can help you lose that stubborn body fat and help keep it off in the long run. In fact, rapid weight-loss programs can have major advantages over slower conventional programs.
We offer a rapid, sustainable weight-loss program that has been featured on TV, that is being used by thousands of health professionals nationwide, with thousands of patients losing weight, improving blood sugar levels, and many getting off of their medications completely.
What does this rapid weight-loss program involve?
This rapid weight-loss program that has worked for so many involves:
1. The Rapid Weight Loss Instruction Manual
2. Eating Real Foods conducive to weight loss
3. Using Proprietary All-Natural Supplements to support appetite and boost energy
4. Learning to implement a Wellness Lifestyle
5. Receiving Accountability and Support from your health coach
What makes this rapid weight-loss program different?
The goal of this program is to help you unlock stored fat and use it for energy. Sometimes it takes a metabolic intervention to nutritionally shock the body to switch into fat-burning mode. The structured protocol is now updated with the latest weight-loss research, proprietary supplements, foods you’ll be eating, and our support will help you reach your goal weight and keep you there.
What results can you expect?
You can lose up to 30 pounds in 30 days. The program has seen unbelievable weight loss from people of all genders and demographics. The amount of weight you will lose depends on your starting point, commitment, and wellness history.
Due to the enormous potential and success of this rapid weight-loss program, it is one of our missions here at our St. Augustine Weight Loss Center to help you not only lose weight but also improve your blood sugar and reduce your risk of disease, so you can live longer, healthier and better!
If you’re ready for an intervention, schedule your consult today!

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