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13167 Broadway, Alden, NY 14004, United States

Frank A. Torrelli D.C.

Location & Hours

13167 Broadway, Alden, NY 14004, United States


If you think getting your neck and back snapped, cracked and popped (adjustments) 3 times per week for every problem makes sense find someone else. I call that the wham-bam, pop and pray technique. I have found patients appreciate and actually enjoy a more thorough customized full body treatment. With this approach I have safely and effectively treated new born babies and 300 lb. powerlifters. Everyone is different and so your treatments will be tailored to your needs. I have 4 different chiropractic tables which adds to treatment comfort & success. The 3 main modalities that I use are: Class 3&4 Lasers, PEMF & PiezoWave2. Supplements have always been a big part of my health and so they also are available upon my recommendations.

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