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How it Works

Based on the 4 step principles of the SOZA Weight Loss Program


Accountability and support to help and guide you.

Your health coach (weight loss doctor) and we will provide you with the 60-day SOZA program seen in the picture below and will be your guide to help you reach your goal weight.  

We will walk you through the program in detail, how-to-use the supplements, what foods to eat, inform you of the latest weight loss and wellness tips and provide you clarity and emotional support.  

Research and our experience confirms that accountability and support will help you complete the program.  


Use our 60-day proprietary natural supplements. 

The SOZA supplements combined with our structured protocol will help to give you an advantage in achieving rapid weight loss. 

For over ten years, our holistic weight loss program has been helping people lose stubborn body fat, balance hormones, control their appetite, and boost energy. 

Food is not what it used to be. However, the right supplements can help you achieve your goal.  

SOZA supplements are all-natural, non-GMO, and NOT prescription medication and have not been known to have any adverse side effects. 


Eat whole natural foods that you can buy from your local grocery store.

You will follow a perfectly structured nutrition meal plan based on eating natural foods that will set you up for sustainable long-term success.


You will learn what to eat and when to help ensure excellent results and an exit strategy to get you to your goal.

In addition to meal plans, you will receive delicious recipes, meal calorie breakdowns, and nutrition information.  

Here's what you need to know. Follow the program, make it work for you and see how easy it actually is. 

It's perfectly doable and you will learn so much. You will NOT be counting calories for 60 days.



Follow a wellness lifestyle.

SOZA is derived from ancient Greek, meaning to be made whole, healed, and preserve. We are all about a natural holistic lifestyle. 

It is not enough to eat healthily and take supplements. If you do not follow a healthy lifestyle, you will not develop long-term healthy and sustainable habits. 

By following a healthy lifestyle, we encourage, recommend, and update you with the latest wellness trends based on scientific research. 

These include your mission statement, choosing natural over artificial ingredients, how and why to get adequate sleep, which is the best exercise, how to reduce stress, and more. 

These make or break a weight loss program and a healthy long-term lifestyle. 

Clients explain it best. 

Take a few minutes. It's worth it. 

Free Membership Program to Help You Keep the Weight Off.

Now that you've lost the weight, you may need some additional support in keeping that weight off for good.


Get more weekly meal plans, recipes, and so much more.

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